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I’m Patti Case and I’m running for state representative to make a difference for you and your family. Thanks for visiting my website and thank you for caring about the future of our great community and the direction of our state.


Taxes are skyrocketing, spending is out of control, families can’t afford housing, crime is infiltrating our local communities and many have lost faith in the dream that was the Evergreen State.


Politicians have failed and it’s time for citizens to step up and restore common sense to Olympia.


I’m running to make big changes. I’m not a professional politician — I’ve spent my career working for the timber and resource industries and advocating for policies that will help rural communities.


I know what needs to be done. And I know how to get it done.


I would be honored to have your support.


Please contact me if you’d like to join our team or if you have any questions.


Together we will take this state in a new direction!

“I have worked with Patti extensively and I know she cares about priorities like public safety.  She’s demonstrated an ability to get things done to benefit our community, and I know she’ll do that in the state legislature on behalf of all of us.”

 Former Shelton Police Chief Darrin Moody

Why I am Running

I am running to restore the common-sense voice of citizens and local communities in Olympia.

We must return hard-earned dollars to working families and small businesses by cutting taxes. The spiraling cost of gasoline, food and housing is hurting people in the 35th District while Olympia refuses to return any of the massive state budget surplus to our families with targeted tax cuts to help people and small businesses. 

Make our neighborhoods and communities safer. Our police and first responders have my full support. I will lead the fight to end the Olympia Democrats’ disastrous policies that handcuffed law enforcement and reduced penalties for criminals. We must support law enforcement and hold lawbreakers accountable.

Restore and protect parental rights in education and transparency and accountability of local school boards. Parents must be partners in the education of our children and our community deserves access and information from elected school boards and district administrators. Most importantly, our children must receive the highest quality education to prepare them for good jobs in the future.


There is much to do and I know how to get things done! Please join our campaign and help take Washington state in a new direction!

Would you prefer to mail a check, it’s easy.  Send your donation to:  Committee to Elect Patti Case, PO Box 83, Union, WA 98592



Putting My Experience
to Work

Patti grew up in Mason County, attended Shelton High School and
graduated from the University of Washington. She's been working for our community to protect jobs and increase opportunity. 
She has fought for the natural resource industry in Olympia and in congress and is committed to advancing sound natural resources and pro-business policies at the local, state and federal levels.

Public Affairs Manager at a major wood products company

  • Served on policy committees for industry and business
    associations at the state and national level


  • Owned a small marketing communications firm, represented
    clients throughout the US and beyond


  • Advertising and public relations manager at a wood products
    trade association

Patti has also spent over 25 years volunteering in the Shelton and Mason County community:

  • Patti is a leader and has chaired business, education and
    community organizations including:


- Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce

- United Way of Mason County

- Skookum Rotary 

- OysterFest


  • Patti Co-Chaired the capital campaign for our new Shelton YMCA

  • Patti is an active member of St. David’s Episcopal Church, Shelton

Patti spends her free time kayaking, camping, playing golf and spending time with her husband, kids and grandkids.

There is much to do and I know how to get things done!

Please join our campaign and help take Washington in a new direction!


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